«The sessions with Laurene were very instructive and supportive. The tapping technique allowed us to work together on different issues where I felt stuck, sometimes trapped. That technique made it possible to release the problem I felt and open new options. It brought a real shift of my attention from perceiving that something was wrong to perceiving new opportunities of action, but also of being. The energy work she gave me was a fantastic way to become calmer and connected with parts of me that in my normal, active, busy daily life are not so easy to reach. Thanks a lot from my heart, dear Laurene!»

— Michelle S. , Bodywork Grinberg Method Practitioner, Zurich, Switzerland —


«Four years ago I was diagnosed with a life-threatening disease. The sessions with Laurene where she transmitted subtle energy not only stabilized my physical state of health, but also strengthened me emotionally. Laurene’s work is effective on all levels (physical, mental and spiritual) and thereby also supports one’s personal development and empowerment.»

— Irene Z. lic. phil. I, Aargau, Switzerland —


«I went to Laurene for the first time a year ago. I was depressive. Anger, fear, desperation, confusion, lack of courage and an inferiority complex were all strongly present in me. Laurene helped me deal with all of those feelings, that is, with how to handle them. She supported me as I freed myself from my past and became reconciled with my screaming inner child. Her energy healing sessions strengthened my exhausted body and gave me new energy. She watered my dry spirit with her light and love.

Thanks to Laurene I have developed a new consciousness and regained and increased my self-confidence as well. Now I know who I am. Thank you, Laurene, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you that you exist.»

— N.K., Translator, Aargau, Switzerland —


«As a result of having polio as a child, I have suffered from various unpleasant side effects, for example, painful muscle cramps, insomnia, and various degrees of trembling due to exhaustion. By using specific Tapping exercises (EFT), I was able to reduce the trembling. My sleep patterns improved after receiving distance energy treatments periodically. We also managed to significantly reduce the painful muscle cramps through the different sessions. I always experienced Laurene’s sessions and support as sensitive and competent.»

— Regula S., Veterinarian, Aargau , Switzerland —


«Because I was suffering from insomnia, I went to Laurene to learn how to use EFT. With her help I understood the method after just one hour and was able to use it independently at home. I appreciated the highly creative way she used to teach me the method. EFT can also be practiced according to a set pattern.

My insomnia has more or less been resolved. However, I continue to apply this method whenever I feel stressed. Tapping helps me connect quickly to my feelings and become focused and centered.

I highly recommend this holistic method. L. Schärer introduces it with both competence and joy, so that after a short while you have a good tool that can be applied whenever needed to relax emotionally and regain your strength.»

— M.-U. Maurer, Teacher, Aargau, Switzerland —


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