Private Sessions

Private Sessions

I would love to support you on your individual path to empowerment and wellness and the discovery of the true essence of who you are. My aim is to help you realize your power and find your way to self-healing. Whether you are dealing with a physical, emotional or spiritual problem, I am committed to being there for you.

What can you as a client expect during a session?

Normally a session starts with an EFT tapping session, where we work on a specific issue or physical symptom – followed by a transmission of supportive energy to deepen the experience.

The first part, using EFT, is more active, where you learn to tap on your own meridian points with verbal statements. You will notice immediate shifts in your feeling state. The second part is deeply restful for you, as you lie fully clothed and receive the energy that I transmit to you silently. It will bring you into a deeper place of peace and calm and helps to integrate all the earlier shifts from the tapping session. Together this combination is powerfully transformative.

An energy session by itself is very transformative as it strengthens, balances and harmonizes the flow of your energy and activates your own self-healing abilities.


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