Energy Healing

Energy Healing

During an energy session, I channel or transmit universal, healing, supportive energies as you lie quietly and receive them. Although the energy is subtle, you may experience many different things. A physical symptom or pain may decrease or subside. You may experience physical sensations, such as warmth, cold, tingling, etc. You may see colors or pictures, images or light. A new inspiration or the answer to a question may come. You may sink into a deep state of meditation or relaxation, a dream-like state, or even have the feeling of being «out of body». The experiences are varied and individual and are always the right one for you at that time. Energy Healing activates your own self-healing abilities.

Distance Healing

I also give long distance sessions. I find the energy effects are just as strong long distance as in person. When working long distance, we will set a time during which you can be relaxed and receptive and can pay attention to your experience.


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