Who are my Consultation test for?

My work might be perfect for you if

  • you are dealing with any physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual issue that
    you wish to resolve and clear;
  • you are ready to experience greater empowerment, self-awareness, vitality,
    peace, and well-being;
  • you feel you are ready to enter a new phase of life – a «coming of Age»;
  • you know that all healing is really self-healing, but that a wise, experienced, discerning guide is also essential;
  • you would love to find a compassionate, perceptive, committed helper to guide you in your healing process;
  • you are open to working with alternative energy tools and new/ancient approaches to healing and transformation;
  • you would love to learn some simple, effective methods you can use yourself to continue your self-healing journey.


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