About me

About me

I grew into my healing work gradually, unlike those who were aware of their gifts since their childhood or youth, or had some kind of traumatic awakening experience.

I spent my childhood, youth and university years in the U.S., moving to Switzerland when I was 22 to marry a Swiss man. Homemaking, child-raising and teaching English were my life for the next 30 years. These were often years of inner and outer struggle while living in and adapting to a foreign culture. In the meantime I have become well adapted and completely fluent in Swiss German.

However, after raising a family and teaching for thirty years, I knew I needed a change, that there was more to come.

The decision to give up my teaching position in the Swiss public school system to explore a completely new direction did not come easily. I had had little exposure to the world of energy and healing as well. It was not easy to find acceptance for these new passions of mine – not even within myself! But I knew I had to make a change.

I began to reach out, to go to seminars and courses in spiritual healing and
counseling and in different forms of energy psychology. Initially I was drawn to them out of a desire to heal and discover more about myself. Gradually I came to realize and develop my own gifts and talents, shakily at first and then, over time, developing my own energy techniques and strengthening my connection to the universal energies, until finally I gained trust and the confidence to express and share my gifts.

Perhaps it is good that my process took this form, because as a result I can relate to everyone who is on their path to discovering and manifesting their potential.

Now I offer my gifts and talents as a support to others – to you, if you choose to be my client, to help you explore and find your way to healing, wholeness, and fulfillment.

I offer my sessions in both English and German (Swiss German).


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